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momonamission started this conversation

I am 29 and a single mother who made every wrong decision there was to make!  After addiction (pills) and surviving domestic violence from the man whom I once wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I'm now 7 years safe from him and sober almost 4 years.  Once I wasn't proud of either until I realized how many other people have also survived.  I refused to let myself die at the hands of either. I have always been the creative soul and wanted to do something with web design. I never have taken the time to learn more than a few things here and there.  I WILL go to school and earn a degree.  My goal is to get a degree in web design and business management. 

ONE DAY I WILL open up a non profit for women who have been through similar struggles as I have been through. My idea is that it would be a chain of women paying it forward.  So many people want a hand out and not a hand up in society, in turn women run back to the only life they know which is drugs/DV after they have no idea how to live a normal productive life.  I think it would be rewarding in so many ways to have something that offers support both emotionally and financially to help them become strong independent and most importantly free of the daily fear and loneliness that comes along with abusive relationships.Giving a woman the confidence they need to overcome such strife is extremely important.  You are shredded apart into nothing as an abuse victim.  When you leave it's like your world has crashed in.  Confidence and security are something that MUST be rebuilt after finding your way out for either. I like to think of it as a a chain of hope if you will.  Women helping women to move throughout a semi structured program of levels.  The end result being freedom and independence

  1.   Woman still stuck in the abuse/addiction would be mentored and supported by those who have already broken free of it and are actively seeking recovery on a regular basis. 
  2. The women safe & actively in recovery but not quite confident enough to take on the world of independence  would then be mentored by those who have achieved a comfortable amount of time sober without so much daily fear of falling back in.
  3.  The next level would be woman who have been actively involved with the program for a significant amount of time who are financially independent, emotionally independent, and confident with a proven track record of staying drug free and safe.  They would be leading a healthy lifestyle and looked at by others as mentors or role models of the program or community of woman.
  4. The last level could be woman who specialize in different areas ranging from the addiction recovery, social work to job training, public resources or even a entrepreneur who could help the women achieve success financially.  It could be advocates on the topics surrounding addiction and DV.  There are so many ways you could run with this and so many different ways woman could help other women achieve success.

As a recovering addict and former abuse victim myself I understand how hard it is to seek help when you can't even leave the house without being harassed or beaten.  With the advances in technology there are so many ways that people can anonymously find help and support.  At the very least, I think it would be great to offer a sounding bored and virtual home for those who can't put themselves in the position to be physically harmed or unable to  imagine a better life due to no money, lack of family support or friends etc.  This is all just a brainstorm and may be an idea that is impossible to transform into reality or just plain wishful thinking. Who knows! I will however achieve one thing and that will be a site aiming to help those who can't find the resources to break free otherwise.

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Posted in How are you today? on Jun 23, 2010 You are amazing and I'd love to chat sometime if you ever find the time with everything going on. I'm on a similar mission. If I had a car right now I'd be doing a lot more than sitting online thats for sure. So many woman are stuck and without the means to get out of a rut there is not a lot of hope. Thankfully I've been able to pick myself up from addiction and domestic violence so not having a car, I can deal with lol. Please read my page because I have also shared my dream of opening a non profit and would love to chat about it!! I'm just finished with Rich Dad Poor Dad which has taught me a lot. If you haven't read it please do. I'm taking what I learned and getting creative online because I just feel the right opportunity is out there, I just have to find it!!! I was reading past post and someone commented about you as a single mom. I copied and pasted this you wrote as it will take forever to find it and i lack patience at times. I love Rich Dad Poor Dad too. Keep you the good work for getting out of an addiction and abusive relationship. I too would love to be where my car was running, money to keep in up and get in and drive. I like to think I wouldn't be sitting at home on the net. I get cabin fever. Well I hope you are doing well and take care Starshine

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 in response to singlesurvivormomma...   keep dreaming.  write the vision. I am a survivor of dv and the Lord has also delivered me from alcoholism. I remember when there was a time that I felt hopeless and helpless. I wanted to commit suicide at one point.  I was called names and put down. The abuse was awful but to God be the glory I survived. I was told that I would never be anything but a drunk. My family also put me down and I didn't have any friends. Today I am involved with an organization and we are starting a non profit organization for battered women and children. We are already registered with the state and we are incorporated. I so desparately want to help women and this is my dream coming true. I do have a certificate now for dv. I am also a nurse. Continue to trust God.  I was in my kitchen one day preparing some food and I heard the Lord speak to me and He said your Mess is your ministry.  I went to a shut in the following weak and the woman who was speaking in her speech she quoted the words you mess is your ministry.  I knew then it was time for us to get the ball rolling and with the Lord's help I believe that we are and will be successful and I also believe the same for you. You have my prayers and I think that you are a very courageous young woman.  You have nothing to be ashamed of because you are an overcomer.  We have all made some poor choices at one time in our lives but at least you and I have the courage to admit it. No we are not looking for hand outs or sympathy but just a chance to share our stor ies and to reach out and help another woman or children thats in that situation.  Everytime some one rejects you or tries to put you down let that be a stepping stone to get you to your next level.  I know that even words can hurt, but everytime someone speaks hurtful, damaging words to you pray for that person and ask God to forgive them.  We have been through a lot, but God brought us through for a reason and a purpose and we are going to soar like eagles!
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Hi Mom. You are strong, courageous, filled with hope and you are my hero Lisper

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positive thoughts

I am very happy for you. With patience you will get there. Matter of fact I can see and hear your strength. Keeping an eye on the big picture does help. Thankyou

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My name's Donna, by the way. I read one of your posts and saw mention of an e-cigarette. I would love to know more about this, if you don't mind. My husband's trying to quit smoking.

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If anyone needs advice or just a shoulder to lean on please dont hesitate to drop me a line... Im not only here in search of advice I also want to help other women struggling to overcome addiction and domestic violence..... Ive broken the cycle and if I can do it so can you!!
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